Who Makes How Much: On the Street

Here's what Washingtonians make for the work they do

Approached on the street and asked to disclose their income, most Washingtonians recoil before responding with a variation of “No!” The few who don’t resist constitute a small band. Its members are typically young, less likely to be salaried, and—ignoring the social trespass of income inquiries—willing to share their pay stub’s secrets with a shrug and a “sure.” Here they are:

Gebrehiwet-T-Abreha, hotel bellhop, Dupont Circle, $360 a week.

Ali Akbar, food-cart vendor, downtown DC, $400 a week.

Jose Bolaño, Starbucks barista,Dupont Circle, $385 a week.

Edward Brooks, sheet-metal worker, Foggy Bottom, $65,000.

John Day, cab driver, DC, $150 to $250 a week.

Virgilio Escorihuela, area manager for parking-garage company, Farragut Square, $40,000.

Christina Harb, pedicab driver, National Mall,$15 an hour.

Jonathan Howard, art-gallery framer, Dupont Circle, $380 a week.

Raynolta Jones, security officer, Foggy Bottom, $55,000.

Katherine Kapsidelis, bookstore clerk, Dupont Circle, $360 a week.

Rick Levin, CEO, Greenspring Technologies Group, $106,000.

Michael Nichols, street musician, Foggy Bottom, $150 a day.

Enrique Ochoa, construction laborer, Foggy Bottom, $32,000.

Solomon Osofero, mattress-store salesman, Dupont Circle, $42,000.

Percell Ryland, shoeshine man, downtown DC, $600 to $750 per six-day week.

Alex Salbador, window-cleaning supervisor, downtown DC, $700 a week.

Meena Sangar, canvassing director for environmental organization, Dupont Circle, $500 a week.

Harvey Thomas, panhandler, downtown DC,$20 a day.

Bryce Thompson, strip-club doorman, downtown DC, $600 a week including tips.

Carl Turner, Street Sense vendor, Farragut Square, $25 to $30 a day.

Shiferaw Wordofa, garage supervisor, Foggy Bottom, $450 a week including tips.

Elizabeth Daggett, program specialist, Department of Education,$89,033.

Emily Pomeranz, deputy Southern finance director, Democratic National Committee, $45,000.

Danielle Lucey, trade-magazine associate editor, $52,000.

Danielle Geong, national campus organizer for nonprofit organization, $35,000.

Kirstin Cornnell, paralegal, Dupont Circle, $40,000.

Drew Boudreau, electrical engineer, $87,500.

Jeff D’Onofrio, stocker, Bell Wine & Spirits, DC, $21,000.

Olivia Cosby, cheese vendor, Dupont Circle FreshFarm farmers market, $50 per Sunday.

Brandon Phillips, server/bartender, Blue Ridge Restaurant, DC, $150 a day.

Melissa Rivera, body-care products buyer, Whole Foods, $24,000.

Suzanne Smallwood, sustainable farmer, Clark County, $34,000; also night nurse, Frederick Memorial Hospital, $70,000 to $90,000.

Karen Roberts, owner/baker, KarenKay’s Cakes, Montgomery Village, $30,000.

Executive sous chef, white-tablecloth restaurant, downtown DC, $40,000.

Line cook, white-tablecloth restaurant, downtown DC, $11.50 an hour.

Dishwasher, white-tablecloth restaurant, downtown DC, $8.25 an hour.

Salesperson, Cowgirl Creamery, downtown DC, $80 per Saturday.

Server, Equinox restaurant, downtown DC, $1,000 a week.

Scott Burr, owner, Tech Painting Company, Alexandria, $175,000.

Independent carpenter/remodeler, Alexandria, $75,000.

Housepainting supervisor, Arlington, $65,000; starting painter, $35,000.

Salon hairstylist, Silver Spring, $52,000.

Director, search-engine optimization, Internet-marketing firm, McLean, $100,000.

Web-analytics manager, Internet-marketing firm, $75,000.

Social-media director, online-strategy firm, $85,000.

Web designer, digital-media company, Alexandria, $97,500.

Copywriter, digital-media company, Alexandria, $100,000.

Mobile-applications developer, digital-media company, Alexandria, $150,000.

This feature first appeared in the November 2010 issue of The Washingtonian.


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