Candy Costumes at Des Alpes Fashion Show (Photos)

Washington chefs re-imagine their favorite book and movie characters using chocolate and sugar.

Ann Brown of Miriam's Kitchen turned Elizabeth Bizic into Pippi Longstocking. The "Wendy-like" braids were made by using colored white chocolate spread on top of a wig. Photograph by Joshua Yospyn.

Slideshow: Behind-the-Scenes at Des Alpes Chocolate Fashion Show  

Mmm, candy-coated costumes. Can't imagine they're the most fun thing to wear (chocolate melting down your thighs! Sugar dust stuck in your eyelashes!), but they certainly are delish to look at.

Last year in a feature for Worn Magazine, photographer Joshua Yospyn followed Co Co. Sala Chocolatier Katie Musser as she prepared to debut a Cruella de Vil outfit—primarily comprised of chocolate and sugar—at the Des Alpes Fashion Show. The annual runway show is Sweet Charity's fundraiser competition for The Heart of America Foundation, an organization that provides books to Washington-area children living in poverty.

We sent him back for this year's competition (held Monday night at the Mandarin Oriental Hotel) to see if Musser could reclaim her first place title (you'll have to check the slideshow to see if she won), and he nabbed some delectable behind-the-scenes photos along on the way. 

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