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Personal Trainers in Washington: Yoga Instructors

Increase flexibility and improve posture

Suzie Hurley

A yoga teacher since 1981, she holds therapeutic workshops across the country and leads international retreats. Hurley founded Willow Street Yoga in Takoma Park and Silver Spring.

"As you're going to sleep, it's very helpful to follow your breath. See if you can make your exhalations longer than your 'in' breath."

Hurley teaches group classes at Willow Street plus private sessions for $90 an hour.

Patty Ivey

She founded Down Dog Yoga in Georgetown, Bethesda, and Herndon. Students—including some celebrities—pile into her classes, which almost always sell out with more than 60 students.

"The best way to stay motivated is to meet someone at the yoga studio or go with somebody. It's very easy to say you're going, but then there's a drop of rain and you don't. If you make a commitment to meet somebody, you probably won't stand them up."

Ivey leads group classes at Down Dog and rare private sessions for $175 to $250 an hour.

John Schumacher

The founder of Unity Woods Yoga Center in DC, Bethesda, and Arlington, he's considered the father of Washington yoga. Yoga Journal named Schumacher one of 25 "American originals" shaping yoga today.

"Interlock your fingers, stretch over your head, and arch your back over your chair back. That opens up your chest, brings fresh air into your lungs, and takes stiffness out of your neck. Close your eyes and take half a dozen deep breaths."

Schumacher teaches group classes at Unity Woods and occasionally offers private sessions for $150 an hour.

Kimberly Wilson

She has a big following at her two Tranquil Space studios (Dupont Circle and Arlington) and reaches an even larger audience through her books, charitable foundation, podcast, blog, retreats, and speaking events.

"The secret is being well rounded—not just a yogi on a yoga mat but carrying the yoga mentality of consciousness, mindfulness, and compassion into everything you do. For me, it's about intention-setting and reflection."

Private sessions cost $150 per hour.

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