Michael Landrum Says No One Hurt in Robbery at Ray’s Hell-Burger

"It’s still horrible," says the restaurateur.
Hell-Burger was hit by armed robbers last Thursday. Photograph by Scott Suchman

In an incident reported last week by an ArlNow commenter, armed robbers entered a Ray’s Hell-Burger on December 8 at 9:30 PM. The blog followed up today with a police report confirming the incident, which took place at the original restaurant at 1725 Wilson Boulevard in Arlington.

Ray’s restaurateur Michael Landrum says he wasn’t on the scene at the time, but that he rushed over to Hell-Burger immediately after he heard the news.

“No one was hurt, thankfully,” he says. “But it’s still horrible. My staff’s safety is of the utmost concern, and they were put in harm’s way.”

What isn’t a concern in this situation, Landrum says, is monetary loss, and he did not comment on how much (if anything) was stolen. Security cameras were in place in the eatery, and may aid in catching the criminals.

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