Free Food at Noodles & Company This Saturday

The pasta chain officially opens next week, but a soft-opening event this weekend offers the chance to try the menu without paying.

There is free mac and cheese in Woodley Park this weekend.
Photograph courtesy Noodles & Company

Like food? This Saturday, Noodles & Company—a national fast-casual chain with a menu of pasta dishes categorized by cuisine (American, Asian, Mediterranean)—is giving it away. Noodles’ new Woodley Park location opens officially on Monday, December 19, but this Saturday the 17th it will be serving signature dishes to customers for free.

It works like this: You register yourself and a guest, if you like, on the Web site—there are currently openings between 11:30 AM and 7:30 PM—and then you show up at 2635 Connecticut Avenue, Northwest, in Woodley Park and eat your free food. Please don’t go review your meal on Yelp, however. Etiquette dictates that one must never critique food received for free or at charity events, or made by children. Bon appétit.