The Washingtonian’s 2012 Very Best Restaurants Are Now on Foursquare

Check out the handy on-the-go guide to the city’s 100 best eateries.

If you’ve been involved in the Washington-area dining scene for a few years, you may remember Ashley Messick, author of the blog From Komi to Marvin, who, back in 2009, challenged herself to dine at all 100 eateries on The Washingtonian’s annual list of the area’s very best restaurants.

Regardless of whether you’re ambitious (not to mention flush) enough to follow in Messick’s footsteps, you can now track how many you’ve visited—and get our reviews on the go—by logging into Foursquare. The newest list is published there and ready for your perusal—it’s the only place you’ll currently find it outside of our January 2012 issue (which you should totally buy because it’s pretty and full of fascinating content). The 2012 list will be published on later in the month.