Red Truck Bakery Offers Key Lime Pie for Super Bowl

If you want one, order it now.

How serious are you about your key lime pie? Photograph courtesy of Red Truck Bakery via Facebook.

Key lime pie is kind of a summer thing, but Red Truck Bakery in Warrenton—home of, let’s not play around here, some very fine pies—is making an exception for the Super Bowl. The Key lime confection is usually only available from Memorial Day through Labor Day, but if you order today, you can pick one up on Friday or Saturday . . . just in time for this weekend’s game.

Now, we admit that for those of us living near Washington, DC, Warrenton is a bit of a hike. So what this comes down to is: One, how seriously do you take your Key lime pie? And two, how seriously do you take you Super Bowl party food?

The pies cost $24; order by 5 PM today.