This week’s Kliman Online Book Giveaway: An Open Letter to a Restaurant

The winning entry receives a barbecue how-to.

Want to win a very good guide to home barbecuing? Head over to Todd Kliman’s dining chat, which begins every Tuesday at 11 AM. The challenge today is designed to help you get something off your chest. Have you had it with a restaurant’s no-reservation policy or two-hour-long brunch lines? Did a mustachioed “mixologist” snub you for ordering a vodka tonic? Some know-nothing Yelp reviewer malign your beloved neighborhood pizza joint? A cherished dish get inexplicably 86ed from the menu of your favorite tapas spot? Tell the offender how you feel in an open letter, and submit it to the chat. Adopt whatever tone you feel suits the occasion—touching, sarcastic, sincere, enraged—just make sure it’s intelligent and thoughtful, too. This week’s giveaway book: Steven Raichlen’s The Barbecue Bible. Best of luck …