Best-Picture-Themed Foods for Your Oscar Party

Throwing an awards bash this Oscar weekend? We have some ideas for what to serve.

Don’t eat that pie! Octavia Spencer as Minny Jackson in “The Help.”

The Artist
It’s set in 1920s France French, so obviously you want to serve a Pernod cocktail. We like to buy our cocktail ingredients at Ace Beverage, and when we’re working with Pernod, we like to make Audrey Saunders’s French Pearl.

France again. It’s a movie about a kid in Paris, so the best thing to do is opt for favorite Parisian children’s fare (don’t worry, those kids eat well). Try mini tartes and brioches from Patisserie Poupon, for instance, or jambon-beurre sandwiches on ficelle from Marvelous Market.

Midnight in Paris
And, we’re still in France. Celebrate Paris’s more adult side with late-night French snacks such as funky cheeses from La Fromagerie in Old Town Alexandria, charcuterie from Red Apron Butchery, and baguette from Lyon Bakery, available at Cheesetique.

The Help
When this film came out, Food & Wine did a related spread with a recipe for Minny’s chocolate pie. If you’ve read the book or seen the movie, you understand why that’s gross. Instead, opt for Southern favorites such as fried chicken, deviled eggs, and pimiento cheese sandwiches. Cork Market and Tasting Room has herb-marinated fried chicken to go. If you want enough for a large group, order a day in advance.

It’s been widely noted that Brad Pitt’s character snacks maniacally in order to keep himself awake through this movie about baseball and numbers and other boring stuff. He keeps his treats in a desk drawer. To celebrate his character’s compulsion, why not load up on wholesome Amish-country snacks from Smucker Farms of Lancaster County? It stocks pretzels, whoopie pies, popcorn, etc. If you can remove the drawer from your office desk and serve the treats in that, consider yourself the MVP of Oscar party hosts.

The Tree of Life
We’ll give you a whole drawer full of Amish-country snacks if you can explain to us what this movie is about. Short of that, we suggest you celebrate it will plant-centric fare. Salads from Fast Gourmet, perhaps, or Blacksalt Market. Spanakopita from the Greek Deli would work too.

The Descendants
Easy one! Get some Hawaiian food. Order Hawaiian rolls from Spices in Cleveland Park, made with salmon, pineapple, and cucumber, or head to Red Rocks and pick up a few Ananas pies, topped with pineapple and crispy prosciutto.

War Horse
Apparently this film has something to do with English and German people and war. Also a horse, but don’t even go there. Even if you could find it, serving horse meat in honor of War Horse is more twisted than serving Minny’s chocolate pie.

So: English and German specialties it is. Both countries are big on sausages, so how about some handcrafted links from 13th Street Meats? Heidelberg Bakery has homemade pretzels. At Seasonal Pantry, stock up on chicken and oyster pot pie. The English love their savory pies.

Extremely Loud and Incredibly Close
Wait, this was nominated for Best Picture? We just lost our appetites.