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Pinteresting: Whites and Brights

We’ve been spending too much time on Pinterest lately, but at least we have something good to show for it.

Elle Decor via Pinterest user mrs. french*.

If, like us, you’ve got a waist-high stack of dog-eared magazines next to your nightstand and an overflowing manila folder of design ideas you’re saving “just in case,” you’ve probably discovered the saving grace that is Pinterest. (And if you haven’t, click here–though now that even Bo Obama has a Pinterest presence, we’re guessing that’s unlikely.)

It happens over our morning coffee, between phone calls, on the commute home from work, before bed. Though we try to avoid it, the urge to scour our favorite blogs and click that oh-so-enticing “Pin it!” button is just too tempting to ignore. And though our obsession with Pinterest is borderline intervention-worthy, we’ve never felt so up to speed on design trends, must-have products, and clever entertaining ideas.

With all those precious minutes (hours?) spent on Pinterest, we figured we might as well share with you a few finds from our favorite pinners. Welcome to “Pinteresting,” where we’ll be curating pins around a specific theme–think of it as an eye-candy-filled excuse to take a break from that work business and linger on Pinterest for a few (or 30) minutes. This time? The whites-and-brights palette we’ve seen popping up all over the design blogosphere lately.

Via Pinterest users Lonny Magazine and jessica colaluca.

Via Pinterest user Bonnie Tsang.

We love the crispness of alabaster walls and neutral furniture punctuated by brightly hued accents. The best part? It’s a blank canvas–one you can change to your commitment-phobic heart’s content. Fuchsia ikat pillows today, marigold dhurrie tomorrow!

Via Pinterest users Renee McKissick and Jessica Quirk.

New to Pinterest? Here’s a tip: It’s all about who you follow. If you’re obsessed with all things design, here are boards from a few of our favorite local pinners to get you started (including Open House, natch!):

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