The Styleliner: A Boutique on Wheels is Rollin' Into Georgetown

Joey Wolffer creates the ultimate mobile shopping experience.

Joey Wolffer at the wheel of her Styleliner truck—which will soon be parked in Georgetown.

When Joey Wolffer decided to take the next step in her fashion career, she never imagined it would happen in a 27-foot converted potato chip truck. Yet witnessing the boom in the food truck phenomenon Wolffer, a boho-chic accessories aficionado and former trend director for Jones Apparel Group, thought: “If food can do trucks, why can’t fashion?” And, soon after, the Styeliner was born, filled with fabulous finds from Wolffer’s world travels and stopping wherever and whenever she and her growing legion of fans demand. Naturally, Wolffer remodeled the interior, which now looks like a luxury gypsy den, all shiny walls, popping color and floor-to-ceiling pieces carefully curated for the customer who appreciates rare finds and one-of-a-kind accessories.Thursdays through Sundays, May 4th to June 17th, the Styleliner will call Georgetown home, having secured a spot in the parking lot of the PNC Bank at the well-trafficked corner of Wisconsin Ave. and M St. We got the skinny on this couture caravan, and how Wolffer found fashion freedom on the open road.

For those who may not know, what exactly is the Styleliner?
“The Styleliner is your dream walk-in closet on wheels. It’s a global accessory emporium and, just like us, the collection is always on the move. If you love something you see on the truck, grab it, because it will probably be gone the next day.”

Have you found certain cities or locations where you have been particularly popular? And why have you decided to add DC to your roster?
“We’ve really found our groove in the Hamptons, Palm Beach and Miami … and hopefully we can add DC to the list. We felt like Washington didn’t have anything like the Styleliner, both in concept and in product. We have also had a number of customers from the DC area request a visit.”

What is it you love about the Styleliner and what it offers customers?
“The goal of the Styleliner is to bring fabulous and one-of-a-kind accessories to the customer within a unique retail experience. I love the excitement of a customer who has found an accessory they love that is out of their comfort zone.”

A peek inside the Styleliner van. 

Who are some of your personal style inspirations?
“I wish I had been around for Yves St. Laurent during the ’70s; I belong in that time. Talitha Getty was his muse during that period and I love the photos of them in Marrakech. I am also inspired by Jane Birkin and Bianca Jagger, whose styles, though wildly different, were so unique for their time.”

How would you describe your look? And which are your favorite pieces on the Styleliner these days?
“I try not to get too caught up in trends, so the look for me is always a little Bohemian and a little glam. My favorite designers on the Styleliner right now are Laura B, who specializes in mesh jewelry and evening bags handmade in Spain, Serpui Marie straw and beaded minaudieres made in Brazil, Venna statement jewels from Hong Kong and Barbara Boner oversized fringe bags from London.”

You also like to design. When do find time to create your pieces?
“I am designing a line of embellished, one-of-a-kind handbags with Laetitia Stanfield of Roarke NYC. The line is called Isla and it is sold in the Styleliner and various boutiques worldwide, including Harvey Nichols London. The busier I am, the more productive I am, so it works for me.”

And you’re behind the wheel?
“Yes, I am a truck driver. There are four of us on Team Styleliner and a few mechanics who are honorary Styleliner members.”

Food trucks have taken off–do you think it’s time for the boutique truck to have its moment?
“YES! YES! YES! Go fashion on wheels!”