Made for Walking: 12 Fun Flat Sandals Under $150

From python to neon, these spring-perfect sandals are as comfy for your wallet as they are for your feet.

With the warm weather (finally, let’s hope) here to stay, it’s time to put away the boots, break out the sandals, and get yourself back out into the city. Though it’s tempting to fall right back into the simple sandal rut, this season stores are stocked with fun and interesting flat sandals–and that fresh pedicure deserves nothing less than a chic shoe. So be daring, be bold! You’ll be surprised how seamlessly bright colors and patterns fit with the rest of your wardrobe–especially if you stick with solid or leg-baring options on bottom. From tribal to art deco, here are 12 pairs of stylin’ sandals that won’t break the bank. C’mon, you know you wanted more than one pair, anyway.