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Pinteresting: Succulents

These hardy specimens make it extra easy to embrace plant-based decor.

Via Pinterest users Lily and Jessica Colaluca.

Something about the arrival of summer stirs within us a desire to get something green and living—a terra-cotta pot blooming
with bright buds, a window box brimming with herbs, a simple house plant—and watch it grow.

Then we remember our bleak record of killing anything green within days (hours?) of acquisition.

Enter succulents, the seemingly indestructible
water-retaining plants we’ve seen adorning tabletop planters, woven into
and bedecking centerpieces and bridal bouquets alike. Indoors
or out, an arrangement of succulents offers the beauty of foliage
without the fear that under your care, what’s currently
thriving and green will soon resemble a tumbleweed.

Via Pinterest users Meg Biram and Jennifer Lore.
Via Pinterest users Relish Decor and Ashlina Kaposta.

Sure, succulents aren’t exactly new—aloe plants
and small-container cacti have long been houseplant mainstays—but
varieties with names like Pink Blush, Violet Queen, and
Twilight Blues are being snapped up for the textural, natural quality
they bring to a space. The fact that they’re reasonably priced
and low-maintenance doesn’t hurt, either. Succulents can thrive
just about anywhere (shallow containers, terrariums, outdoor
planters, even cracks in cement), as long as they receive lots
of sunlight, are kept safe from extreme cold, and aren’t

Via Pinterest users Lissette Carrera and Kate Pruitt.
Via Pinterest users Camille Styles and Glitter Guide.

We also love the muted colors and soft structure
succulents can bring to a bridal bouquet. After the wedding, nestle
from centerpieces or florals into pretty containers
for a memento that lingers long after you’ve said “I do.”

Via Pinterest user Style Me Pretty.