Marcel’s Posts High-Roller Receipt on Its Facebook Page

The restaurant celebrates big cellar sales, and its $10k tip, in a very public way.

Update (June 8): Marcel’s has removed the image from its Facebook page.

“It was a very good night for our Captains” is the Facebook status update posted alongside this receipt from Robert Wiedmaier’s West End restaurant Marcel’s.

Apparently on June 1, the restaurant sold guests at table 53 an impressive $32,800 worth of food and drink (with tip), including bottles of 1982 Pomerol, the notoriously expensive Bordeaux wine Petit Cheval, and a bunch of tasting menus. Oh, and one $18 arugula salad.

A good night, indeed. It all added up to a fat $10,000 tip for Marcel’s staffers. But what do you think about the etiquette of a restaurant posting a customer’s receipt on its Facebook page?