Uber Is Delivering Ice Cream Today From Noon to 5 PM

The car service will bring sweet treats to you and your friends—but supply is limited.

For one day only, Uber gets into the ice cream delivery business. Photograph courtesy of Shutterstock.

Fancy something frozen and sweet? High-end car service Uber—nemesis of the DC Taxi Commission—has deployed a fleet of six ice cream trucks to deliver treats to customers today. The trucks will be traveling around Dupont, U Street, downtown, Capitol Hill, Arlington, Bethesda, and Friendship Heights with Klondike Bars, ice cream sandwiches, and chipwiches—there will be six items in total, according to company rep Alex Priest.  “We thought: Everyone loves ice cream, how can we make it ‘Uber?’ To us that means making it on demand and more convenient.”

Beginning at noon today, an ice cream cone option will pop up on the Uber App customers currently use to order their SUVs and town cars. They can order the trucks to their location of choice. For $12 you’ll get ice cream for five people, though with only six dessert vendors on the road, there may be a supply-and-demand issue. The promotion is a one-day thing, but Priest says Uber may well repeat the ice cream escapade—which is going on in cities around the country today—in the future.

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