A $1,000 Dinner at Rogue 24 With the Inn at Little Washington’s Patrick O’Connell (Pictures)

Nuns, half-naked men, and a lot of decadent dishes: Don’t miss this inside tour of last night’s over-the-top charity event.

What does $1,000 buy you? Osetra-caviar-topped eggs, for starters. Photographs by Dakota Fine.

A nun, a chef, and two half-nude men with cheese-grater abs walk into a lounge. It’s not the setup to a joke, but rather a scene from last night’s Food & Friends benefit at Rogue 24, where chef Patrick O’Connell of the Inn at Little Washington teamed up with resident toque R.J. Cooper for a 24-course extravaganza.

Forget your staid rubbery-chicken Washington fundraiser. Guests paid upward of $1,000 per person for tickets, which wholly benefited the charity, and were rewarded with a meal that lasted into the wee hours and plenty of show. “Adam and Steve,” the aforementioned male models outfitted in (very short) leaf-covered shorts, greeted guests at the door while a woman dressed as a Catholic nun poured wine. Dishes were similarly surreal—think Bloody Mary-flavored gumdrops, Catalina sea urchin with yeast-sea air, and chicken oysters—two succulent ovals of dark meat on the bird’s back—masquerading as bivalves under a blanket of leek cream. Presiding over it all was an ebullient O’Connell, decked out in platform boots and faux-tattoo sleeves, and a slightly less ecstatic Cooper, wrapped in the Inn at Little Washington’s signature dalmatian apron.

Click through the slideshow to witness the insanity.

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