Washington Cooks Through Sandy (Pictures)

Readers share pics of the cookies, stews, and other treats helping them weather the storm.
Hurricane bread and a stew made with Smucker Farms meats. Head to the slideshow for more images of Sandy eats. Photographs by Twitter user @itscompliKATEd and Anna Spiegel.

With hundreds of restaurants and offices closed for Sandy, many
Washingtonians spent the day cooking up their own kind of storm. Readers sent us pictures
of everything from whiskey-spiked venison chili to mushroom pizza fired
on a hotel stovetop. Click through the slideshow to see all the
tantalizing hurricane-inspired dishes, or head to our Twitter feed to read the tasty descriptions of meals made during Sandy.

We will be updating the slideshow throughout the day Tuesday, so check back for more photos soon.

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