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The New Guard: Erica Reeves

Erica Reeves

Vice President for Research and Operations, ReveraGen

Within days of earning her doctorate from George Washington University in 2008, Erica Reeves was tapped by her mentor, Eric Hoffman, to help lead ReveraGen, a biotech start-up he cofounded in Rockville. The company’s lean size and structure put it at the forefront of the biotech industry’s trend toward small-business models.

Since joining ReveraGen, Reeves has led an effort with Children’s National Medical Center and the National Institutes of Health to develop a drug to improve the quality of life for children in the US with Duchenne muscular dystrophy, which causes death in or before young adulthood. What would be the significance of such a drug? Just ask the families of the 45,000 babies diagnosed with the disease each year.

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