Golden Globes Recipes, SF and Seattle Weeklies Sold, Serial Killer or Cereal Inventor?: Eating & Reading

Our tasty guide to the best stuff we’re reading this week.

Everything you've heard about Seattleites and coffee: true. A man there hit up Starbucks after colliding with a city bus. Photograph courtesy of Shutterstock.

Newsy Fare

What fracking is doing to our food. [The Nation] —Todd Kliman

Village Voice Media sells off
SF Weekly and
Seattle Weekly—pubs with two of the most on-point food writers in the country, Anna Roth and Hanna
Raskin—to Black Press entities. [Romenesko] —Jessica Voelker

Meanwhile, here in Washington, the
Post nixes the food blog All We Can Eat. Look for food coverage to continue on Going Out
Gurus. [WP] —JV

Global Bites

Yo, all you tatted, bicep-flexing chefs who congratulate yourselves for studding your
menus with so many offal-y dishes: Get a load at what an offal-laden meal in Japan
looks like.[Foodsaketokyo] —TK

McDonald’s pizza in Italy? This may be the worst thing we’ve inflicted on the mother
country since the Olive Garden set up that culinary school. [Reuters] —JV

South Carolina restaurant Taco Cid’s employee uniforms are in terrible taste—both
for their racist message and for that horrible clashy orange. [Grub Street] —Tanya

Celebrity Dish

Stars—they’re (not) just like us. The Beverly Hilton releases recipes for this year’s
Golden Globes dinner, surprisingly sans disclaimer not to try this at home. [Beverly
] —TP 

LA Weekly’s Squid Ink talks to Lesley Nicol, a.k.a.
Downton Abbey’s Mrs. Patmore, about her own culinary skills and being called the female Gordon
Ramsey. [Squid Ink] —TP

Strange Sauce

Long before the Easy-Bake Oven made them soft—and safe—little girls played with (gulp)
real coal-burning stoves. [Slate] —TK

Disturbingly delicious: BuzzFeed finally creates the quiz you never knew you’d been
waiting for: serial killer or cereal inventor? [BuzzFeed] —TP

For a Vivace Americano, sure—but it seems like a Starbucks drip can wait until after
you’ve tended to the cranial wound. A Seattle man gets hit by a bus and then, bleeding
from the head, orders his morning coffee anyway. [Seattle Times] —JV

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