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Washingtonians of the Year 2012

For 41 years, The Washingtonian has honored local heroes who make this a better place for all. The ten people we honor this year have found unique ways to help those battling hunger, homelessness, war injuries, troubled pasts, and uncertain futures. They make us proud to be Washingtonians.

Catherine Reynolds

Liz Crenshaw

Consumer reporting that saves lives

Molly Smith

David Rubenstein

Philanthropy that unites Washington

Fatima and Ibrahim Savage

Jamila Larson

Providing vital play for homeless kids

Tom Sherwood

Ken Strafer

An inside track on helping wounded warriors

James H. Billington

Veronica Nolan

The keys to success for inner-city kids

Hecda Cuadros

Valarie Ashley

Giving adults tools for better lives

Nancy Sanger Pallesen

Monsignor John Enzler

Pioneering programs for the forgotten

Robert Zagorski

Kathy Russell

Creating a haven for kids battling illness

Nancy Sanger Pallesen

Jason Lerner

Seeking autism remedies on the tennis court

Robert Zagorski

John Kane

Giving New purpose to Old Office furniture

Photographs by Jeff Elkins.

This article appears in the January 2013 issue of The Washingtonian.