To the Poll: Have You Started Eating Calamari Again?

Or has “This American Life” murdered your squid love for good?

Did This American Life forever ruin calamari for you?

We don’t know what your friends like to talk about, but it’s been the topic of conversation
at every dinner we’ve attended since
This American Life dropped its “Doppelgangers” show upon us. Dining companions saying they just can’t stomach the idea of fried squid
rings after considering the rumor—the totally unsubstantiated rumor, mind you—that
pork bung is sometimes used as “imitation calamari” and shipped off to restaurants
for your dining pleasure.

And it’s a funny thing, the power of suggestion. Even at some of our city’s finest
restaurants, where there is no doubt that seafood sourcing is being taken super seriously,
we’ve watched friends and family demure at the suggestion of taking on a platter of

But we want to hear from you: One week later, are you turned off from fried squid
forever, or have you already returned to those crispy rings? To the poll!