Help Get Hushpuppies Back on the Menu at Food Wine & Co.

The Bethesda restaurant launches a publicity campaign to bring back its deep-fried superstar snack.

Seriously, these hushpuppies are amazing. Photograph by Scott Suchman.

If you’ve had them, you understand. The hushpuppies at Food Wine & Co.—accompanied
by honey butter because, no, actually, they’re not decadent enough on their own—are
freaking fantastic.

To tell you the truth, I don’t even really like hushpuppies that much, but
these. These are a genre redeemer—it’s the textures, the sweetness, the just-right amount
of salt. It’s also the honey butter. The 4 to 6 happy hour at the restaurant where,
my coworker
Ann Limpert once wrote,
it’s always best to “focus on the fryer,” is a siren song of discount booze and crispy-carb
goodness. Because in addition to the pups there are absurdly large tater tots stuffed
with cheese. Again, here, we have a thing whose name does not do it justice. These
are not the tots Napoleon Dynamite collected in his pockets. These are giant, gooey,
golden gods of deep-fried deliciousness. And they are only
almost as good as the hushpuppies.

But last fall, something insane happened. Food Wine & Co. took chef
Michael Harr’s pups off the menu. Just like that, they disappeared in a puff of greasy smoke.
Inevitably, dismay followed, but now the restaurant has lauched a publicity campaign
that could bring back the fried balls. The idea is this: If 50 people retweet the restaurant with the hashtag #savethehushpuppies and/or share a related status
update on Facebook
, the restaurant will reinstate
the hushpuppies on the menu for good AND will offer orders of them FOR FREE during
an upcoming happy hour (4 to 6 PM, date TBD). So, yeah, it’s a big publicity campaign
for the restaurant. But also: FREE ORDERS OF THE WORLD’S BEST HUSHPUPPIES.