Restaurants That Still Have Openings on Valentine’s Day

Okay, procrastinators, this one is for you.

Baltimore's Pabu Izakaya—which serves the Happy Spoon appetizer pictured above—still has tables available for Valentine's Day. Photograph by Andrew Propp.

Scrambling to get your Valentine’s Day plans
together? Well, we have good news for
all you Washington procrastinators—quite a few restaurants
still have reservations
available, especially if you’re willing to dine early or late.
So before you resign
yourself to takeout on Thursday, check out these restaurants
for last-minute romantic
dinner plans. For more details about special menus, prices, and
more, see our full
Guide to Valentine’s Day Dinner in Washington.

Al Dente

Seats still available: Al Dente has one table available at 5:30 and two tables available at 6:15.

Reservations: Call 202-244-2223 or reserve online.

Angler’s Inn

Seats still available: Angler’s Inn still has several open reservations at 5.

Reservations: Call 301-365-2425 or reserve online.

Ardeo + Bardeo

Seats still available: Ardeo has five tables available at 5 and several available starting at 10.

Reservations: Call 202-244-6750 or reserve

Assaggi Mozzarella Bar

Seats still available: Assaggi has five tables available at 5:30 and four tables available at 8:45.

Reservations: Call 301-951-1988 or reserve


Seats still available: Bayou has availability throughout the night, but most of its open reservation times
are between 8:30 and 10.

Reservations: Call 202-223-6941 or reserve online.

Etc.: Bayou will also accommodate walk-ins later in the evening, and the kitchen stays open
until 10.

Belga Café

Seats still available: Two tables are open at 5.

Reservations: Call 202-544-0100 or reserve online.

Etc.: The Barracks Row spot also has two-top tables available at the bar throughout
the night.

Cuba Libre

Seats still available: Cuba Libre has several open reservations before 5:30 and after 10.

Reservations: Call 202-408-1600 or reserve online.

The Daily Dish

Seats still available: The Daily Dish still has reservations available throughout the evening.

Reservations: Call 301-588-6300 or reserve

DC Coast

Seats still available: DC Coast has two tables available at 5:30, one at 6, and quite a few after 10.

Reservations: Call 202-216-5988 or reserve online.

El Centro D.F.

Seats still available: El Centro has six tables available at 5, four tables at 5:30, and six tables at 9:30.

Reservations: Call 202-328-3131 or reserve online.

Etc.: The 14th Street taco spot will also be seating walk-ins at both the rooftop and basement
bars through the evening.

Jaleo Bethesda

Seats still available: Bar seating will be available for walk-ins throughout the night, but there will likely
be a waiting list.

Jaleo Crystal City

Seats still available: Jaleo Crystal City is still taking reservations for times between 5:30 and 9:45.

Reservations: Call 703-413-8181 or reserve online.

Jaleo DC

Seats still available: Jaleo DC has one table open at 9:45 and availability starting at 10.

Reservations: Call 202-628-7949 or reserve online.


Seats still available: Lincoln still has six tables available at 5.

Reservations: Call 202-386-9200 or reserve online.

Etc.: If you make a reservation for 5, be ready to clear out by 6:50, due to the large number
of reservations the restaurant will be accommodating at 7.

Mari Vanna

Seats still available: Mari Vanna is still taking reservations for times throughout the evening.

Reservations: Call 202-783-7777.

Masa 14

Seats still available: Masa 14 has quite a few reservation slots available at 6 and 9:30, as well as a few
in between.

Reservations: Call 202-328-1414 or reserve online.

Napoleon Bistro

Seats still available: Napoleon Bistro has four tables available at 6:30 and six tables available at 9 or

Reservations: Call 202-299-9630 or reserve online.

The Oval Room

Seats still available: The Oval Room has three available tables at 10.

Reservations: Call 202-463-8700 or reserve online.


Seats still available: Oyamel still has quite a few tables available at 10 or 10:30.

Reservations: Call 202-628-1005 or reserve

Pabu Izakaya

Seats still available: Pabu has one table left for 6:15 and quite a few tables available starting at 9:15.

Reservations: Call 410-223-1464 or reserve online.

Rasika West End

Seats still available: Rasika has two tables available in the lounge at 9:45 and one table left in the dining
area at 10:15.

Reservations: Call 202-466-2500 or reserve

Etc.: If you don’t mind informal seating and smaller tables, the prix-fixe menu is
$10 cheaper in the lounge than in the dining area.

Restaurant Eve

Seats still available: Restaurant Eve has two tables available at 10 in the chef’s tasting room.

Reservations: Call 703-706-0450 or reserve online.

Etc.: The chef’s tasting room is a little more formal than the bistro. A seven-course
dinner is available for $200 ($310 with wine pairing) in the tasting room.

701 Restaurant

Seats still available: Several reservations are available starting at 8:30.

Reservations: Reserve online.


Seats still available: Sou’Wester still has one table open at 5:30 and one table available at 8:30.

Reservations: Call 202-787-6148 or reserve online.

Virtue Feed & Grain

Seats still available: Virtue has two tables available at 5:30, one at 9:15, and one at 9:30.

Reservations: Call 571-970-3669 or reserve online.

Wit & Wisdom

Seats still available: Wit & Wisdom has openings for six people starting at 9:30.

Reservations: Call 410-576-5800 or reserve online.


Seats still available: Zaytinya has two tables open at 4:30 and a few more starting at 10:15.

Reservations: Call 202-638-0800 or reserve