Astro Doughnuts & Fried Chicken Will Give Out Free Doughnuts Monday Morning

The G Street venture celebrates its first week in business with deep-fried handouts.

Washington welcomes its second fried chicken and doughnuts venture on Monday. Photograph courtesy of Astro.

Friday marked the official debut of GBD, the Dupont fried chicken and doughnut spot from the Neighborhood Restaurant Group. Prior to its grand opening, GBD held a soft opening of sorts, giving out free food to its happy early fans.

On Monday, April 8, we welcome a second fried chicken and doughnut destination to downtown DC—Astro. And guess what, fans of free fritters? Those are part of the plan once more. The restaurant from partners Elliot Spaisman and Jeff Halpern (Jason Gehring is the pastry chef) will be giving away gratis pastries on opening day to the first 200 people in line. Astro opens with limited hours in its first week—from 8 AM until everything sells out. After that you can get your greasy goodies from 7:30 to 6 on weekdays. Check out the full menu after the jump.

Astro Doughnuts & Fried Chicken. 1308 G St., NW. Regular hours: Monday through Friday 7:30 AM to 6 PM.

Food Menu

Fried Chicken: 2 pieces $5.25, 4 pieces $10, 8 pieces $18.50. 3 chicken tenders for $5.

Traditional buttermilk—Chef Jason’s family recipe          
Korean-style—double fried
Spicy garlic—Korean chili paste and garlic glaze
Sriracha—Spicy Asian glaze

Chicken BLT: $7

Cheddar and chive doughnut with buttermilk fried chicken, Benton’s bacon, lettuce, tomato, and Sriracha mayo.

Sides: $1.95 per 6-ounce container

Potato salad
Asian slaw

Doughnuts: Prices range from $2.25 to $2.85 per piece. Orders by the dozen include 12th doughnut on the house.

Daily Selection (available every day)

Vanilla Glazed—vanilla bean glaze ($2.25)
Brooklyn Blackout—devil’s food cake, chocolate glaze, cookie crumbs ($2.50)
Maple Bacon—maple glaze, Benton’s bacon ($2.50)
Peanut Butter & Jelly—strawberry jelly, peanut butter glaze ($2.85)
Crème Brûlée—vanilla custard, brûléed vanilla glaze ($2.85)
Twink-nut—golden vanilla cake, buttercream filling, vanilla glaze ($2.50)
Seasonal: **In honor of the National Cherry Blossom Festival, a specialty doughnut filled with black cherry compote and an Earl Grey tea glaze will be available every day through April 14 for $2.85.

Lemon Blueberry—blueberry cake, lemon glaze, streusel ($2.50)
Pistachio—pistachio glaze and crumble, chocolate drizzle ($2.25)
Salted Caramel—caramel glaze, almonds, fleur de sel ($2.25)
Applesauce—cinnamon dough, apple compote, caramel glaze ($2.85)
Lemon Passionfruit—lemon curd, passionfruit glaze ($2.85)

Peanut Butter Chocolate Chip—chocolate chip cake, peanut butter glaze, cookie crumbs ($2.50)
Saigon Cinnamon—cinnamon dough, cinnamon glaze ($2.25)
Espresso—espresso dough, espresso glaze ($2.25)
White chocolate mocha—espresso dough, white ganache, espresso glaze ($2.85)
Creamsicle—orange curd, blood orange glaze ($2.85)

Pumpkin—pumpkin raisin cake, maple glaze, gingersnap crumbs ($2.50)
Carrot Cake—carrot dough, cream cheese glaze, pecans ($2.25)
Piña Colada—pineapple compote, coconut glaze ($2.85)
Boston Cream—vanilla custard, chocolate glaze ($2.85)
Triple Chocolate – chocolate dough, chocolate custard, chocolate glaze ($2.85)

Banana Nut—banana cake, mascarpone glaze, pecans ($2.50)
Gingerbread—gingerbread dough, gingerbread glaze ($2.25)
Grapefruit—pink grapefruit glaze ($2.25)
Black & White—chocolate dough, white ganache, vanilla glaze ($2.85)
Gianduia—chocolate dough, chocolate custard, hazelnut glaze ($2.85)

Chocolate Glazed—Valrhona chocolate glaze ($2.25)
Pecan—butterscotch glaze, pecans ($2.25)
Mocha—espresso dough, chocolate custard, espresso glaze ($2.85)
Oatmeal raisin—oatmeal dough, buttercream filling, granola crumbs ($2.85)
S’mores—chocolate cake doughnut, dark chocolate glaze, graham cracker crumbs, meringue ($2.50)


Panna Water: $1.75
San Pellegrino Aranciata: $1.75.
Coffee: Brooklyn Roasting Company: $2.15/12 oz.; $2.50/16 oz.