The Great Doughnut Derby: GBD vs. Heller’s Bakery

New kid on the block or neighborhood old-timer? Make the call.

Mount Pleasant landmark Heller’s takes on GBD for a spot in the elite eight. Photograph courtesy of Flickr user Mr T in DC.

Interesting turnaround in the sweet 16 on Wednesday: Palena, which drew droves of fritter fans in round one, lost out by a wide margin to Arlington’s Bayou Bakery, home of David Guas’s buttermilk beignets. Congrats, Bayou Bakery.

So now we have just one more contest left to establish the elite eight. Which tasty pastries will join the illustrious ranks of Migue’s Magnificent, Pizzeria Orso, the Palm, Astro, Mac’s Donuts, Cashion’s, and Bayou Bakery? On the one hand you have Tiffany MacIsaac’s inventive fritters (think grapefruit-Campari and bourbon-butterscotch-glazed brioche) at GBD, the new fried pastry and chicken venture from the Neighborhood Restaurant Group that debuted its full dinner and bar service on Wednesday night. On the other, you have Mount Pleasant neighborhood spot Heller’s Bakery, home to classic ’nuts such as Boston creme and cinnamon twists. As always, votes will be tallied at precisely 5 PM. Have at it.