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Travel Pros Share Their Foolproof Travel Outfits

We asked ten busy jet-setters to tell us how to dress and what to bring to guarantee comfort and style on the plane.

Erina Pindar (left) and Janine Cifelli (right) share their travel outfit basics.

As a founder of a busy travel startup, I travel quite a bit and have some core rules:
No shorts or sandals. Ever. (It’s always freezing on planes, even if your destination
is tropical. Also, who wants their bare legs on a seat that a possible bird flu carrier
might have just sat in for 14 hours?)

Other rules are ballet flats or boots—for comfort, but also because you don’t want
to totter around in six-inch heels if you need to evacuate quickly—with lots of layers
and a cashmere wrap. Lately, I’ve found myself wondering: What are the secrets of
other jet-setters? So I decided to find out.

I checked in with ten busy and fashionable travelers, who divulged their best tips
and tricks for traveling in style and comfort. Check out our slideshow for their input.