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Bozie the Painting Elephant Debuts at the National Zoo (Photos)

She is now the largest elephant at the zoo.

Bozie made her public debut at the National Zoo on June 27 after spending 30 days in quarantine. At 10,000 pounds, she is now the largest elephant of the herd. Photographs by Melissa Romero.

Capping off an already exciting week for the National Zoo, Bozie the elephant made
her public debut in the Elephant Community Center after 30 days of being quarantined.

The 37-year-old female Asian elephant was introduced to fellow elephants Ambika, 65,
and Shanthi, 38, in the center this morning. It was the second time the trio spent
time together in the same enclosure, the first being on June 25. Previously, they
were introduced through barriers, getting to know one another through smell, looks,
and temperament.

Bozie spent much of her morning debut interacting with the public while munching hay
and cooling herself with dirt. Ambika and Shanthi stayed in the background with their
backs turned to the crowd. Shanthi’s 13-year-old son, Kandula, remained outside.

Weighing approximately 10,000 pounds, Bozie is now the herd’s largest elephant. She
made headlines upon arrival to the National Zoo on May 22, when it was revealed she
has a knack for painting.