Baby Wale Opens Along Shaw’s Restaurant Row

Tom Power’s long-awaited bar and restaurant is here.

A rendering of Baby Wale, which was designed by Edit Lab at Streetsense. Image courtesy of Edit.

This week began with one opening on the stretch of Ninth Street, Northwest, surrounding the Convention Center. But Thally’s reign as the area’s youngest restaurant did not last long. Long-awaited Baby Wale, the bar from Corduroy chef/owner Tom Power, was finally born on Wednesday night.

A copper bay window is the main feature of the restaurant exterior; a distressed look characterizes the interior, which has lots of exposed brick and rough-hewn wood. The menu includes salads—shiso and Caesar—plus sandwiches and bigger stuff. You can also order soup at the new spot, and probably should, because Power is something of a soup sorcerer, conjuring layers of flavors into delicious broths that are hard to forget. The opening menu offers corn and charred tomato.

Baby Wale. 1124 Ninth St., NW.