Here’s the Current Minibar Menu

Check out what’s cooking at José Andrés's pricey food lab.

Minibar debuts lots of new dishes this month. Photograph by Scott Suchman

This August, Minibar took a break from service to do some research and development. The result: a 27-dish menu with 18 new dishes.

Already experienced José Andrés’s $225-per-person fine-dining extravaganza? See which of your favorite creations made the cut. We’ve included some notes for context.

• Poor Man’s Pretension—an opening cocktail served in a little glass bottle wrapped in a paper bag

• Parmesan canelé

• Pineapple shortbread

• Pizza Margarita

• Pressed flowers

• Almond tart with blue cheese—served in a frozen shell made from liquefied Marcona almonds

• Rubber ducky—looks like the bath toy, comes stuffed with foie gras ice cream

• Sea bean tempura—two little twigs coated in coconut powder and drizzled in tamarind reduction

• Waldorf salad—served sandwich-style, sort of, in a hollowed-out meringue meant to resemble a sub roll

• Late-night chicken shawarma

• Vietnamese pig ear—a new dish that plays on Vietnamese street food and arrives with a little pipette filled with chili oil

• Ibérico sea urchin—a play on surf and turf in which uni lies in a Ibérico-pork broth

• Shabu shabu

• Beech mushroom papillote with truffle—staffers cut open individual “gift bags” filled with mushroom and shave truffles on top

• Smoked oysters with escabeche—presented under a cloche that staffers lift before serving, waving the aromatic vapors toward guests

Fabes con almejas (beans and clams)

• Giant heart of palm raviolo with bone marrow

• Squab with oysters and seaweed

• Bonne bouche cheese puff

• Bloody beets and yogurt

• Mango floating island

• Raspberry bonbon

• Thai pocky stick—tastes like a Butterfinger

• Lemon-mallow

• Blueberry coulant

• Boozy bear—just your average mezcal-flavored gummy bear

• Doughnuts—this is how Entemann’s mini donuts taste in heaven.

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