Del Campo Lands on “Esquire’s” Best New Restaurants List

Its chivitos and grilled meats are deemed among America’s best.
The hearty chivito at Del Campo gets a mention on Esquire’s Best New Restaurants in America list. Photograph by Jeff Elkins.

Congratulations to chef Victor Albisu and the Del Campo team, who represent Washington this year as one of Esquire’s Best New Restaurants in America. The “grand South American restaurant,” as the men’s magazine calls it, lands among other highly rated spots such as Brooklyn’s the Elm and Boston’s Blue Dragon.

Food and travel correspondent John Mariani gives plenty of credit to Albisu’s first venture, raving that the menu “tastes as if it were prepared because you came to visit.” Favored mentions include ceviches, street food snacks like meatballs, and the chivito. (We would have liked to see Mariani try to tackle the monster sandwich like these guys.) The grilled meat platter is the reported all-star, proof that “if the Peruvian food trend in the US—which has been about to become a trend for a couple years now—needs a leader, Del Campo is it.”

Washington restaurants didn’t make it onto Esquire’s list last year, but that didn’t stop Mariani from naming Roberto Donna Chef of the Year—which stirred up a storm of controversy. Given the current state of politics in Washington, we’re glad for one less conflict.

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