John Rice Does it All

The Management Leadership for Tomorrow CEO's family on why he deserves the coolest of titles

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As the founder and CEO of Management Leadership for Tomorrow, John Rice, 46, is obviously smart, driven, and successful. It’s when you add great dresser, killer smile, awesome dad, loving husband, and rumored member of a certain US President’s pickup basketball team that he really becomes hot. Don’t take our word for it, though. We’d rather you hear it from the ones who know him best: his wife, Andrea, son, Mateo, 11, and daughter, Kiki, 9.

Photograph by Kip Dawkins.

His Hidden Talent

Mateo: “He jokes around with us a lot, and he’s definitely the best dancer of the dads we know.”

His Most Unusual Talent

Andrea: “Johnny has this uncanny ability to pick out a random person in a crowd-shot on TV doing something funny, the thing that no one else notices.”

His Sports Sense

Kiki: “My dad taught me how to play basketball and how to dribble the ball between my legs.”

The Ultimate Compliment

Kiki: “I think my dad is great because he pushes me to be my best.”

His Best Quality

Andrea: “He’s passionate about helping others realize their potential.”

His Annoying Habit

Andrea: “If there’s an especially funny scene in a movie or commercial—or a great sports highlight—he’ll rewind it and make us watch it over and over to the point that we all say, ‘Enough!’”

The One Piece of Clothing He Won’t Give Up

Andrea: “A 1980s Hugo Boss, linen suit that Ricardo Tubbs wore on an episode of Miami Vice.”

What He’s Taught You

Mateo: “That even though we may want something badly, we might not get it. I’m still hoping for a ferret, though.”