USA-Germany World Cup Match Creates Pizza Shortage in DC

Better start exploring other game-time food options.

Photograph via Shutterstock.

Team USA’s noon start against Germany in their final match of the World Cup’s group stage is creating a run on pizza in DC.

Washington Deli took a 14-pizza order online to feed game-watching staff at Washingtonian, but then called to say that they wouldn’t be able to fill it.

At ZPizza in Chinatown, the manager reported a logjam of ten deliveries in 30 minutes and estimated a two-hour wait for delivery orders.

At Bertucci’s on Connecticut Avenue, staffers said they were too busy to talk until well after kickoff. 

Pizzeria Paradiso expects to be slammed with takeout orders at the Dupont location, especially since the German Embassy is hosting an outdoor watch party just down the street in Dupont Circle Park. 

All that pizza, and Italy didn’t even advance out of the group stage.