Let the Lines Begin: District Doughnut Opens Friday

Cronuts have nothing on Barracks Row.

Brown butter doughnuts flanked by chocolate-orange and blueberry at District Doughnut. Photograph by Carol Ross Joynt.

The newest doughnut shop in the game, District Doughnut, opened at 8 o’clock Friday morning, creating yet another opportunity to line up for fashionable food in Washington. Cofounder Greg Menna said the small aqua-and-white shop on Barracks Row has a goal of producing 1,200 doughnuts a day, and will stay open until they sell out. When could that be?

“We would love to be open ’til 5,” says Menna.

When the operation is fully up to speed, the goal is to produce 3,000 doughnuts per day in flavors such as PB&J, lemon meringue pie, and cannoli.

Because District Doughnut is on the same block as Rose’s Luxury, Manna expects his store’s line to merge with the newly appointed “best new restaurant in America.” Rose’s line starts to build at 4:30 in the evening and often grows to 75 to 80 people before the restaurant opens its doors at 5:30. Menna said that during the doughnut shop’s pop-up phase, the two queues intersected. Couples aspiring for a taste of both could plan to divide forces and have a fried dough appetizer before digging into Rose’s pickle-brined crispy chicken. 

UPDATE, 3 PM: They sold out by 10:30 AM, and tweeted us, “We need unlimited doughnuts.” Or at least double what they made today. 

District Doughnut. 749 Eighth St., SE. Find Carol Ross Joynt on Twitter at @caroljoynt.