5 Recipes to Try for National Homemade Cookie Day

Celebrate this dubious yet delicious holiday by trying these at home.

We'll take any excuse to bake homemade cookies. Image via Shutterstock.

As someone who writes occasionally for a food blog, I’m all about celebrating the various delicious forms that edible things can take—but even I have to admit the “National Insert-Blank-Here Day” trend can get pretty ridiculous. And yet, when the blank in question is homemade cookies, who am I to argue? In honor of this oh-so-dubious holiday, I combed through the Best Bites archives for a few great recipes you can try at home, including one for Halloween-perfect homemade Oreos and even (gasp) a healthy version. Happy baking! 

Homemade Oreos

Bayou Bakery chef David Guas’s “Dat-o-Lanterns” give you the taste of Oreo cookies without the weird chemicals. Not quite ready for Halloween? Just skip the orange food coloring for classic white filling.

Chocolate Chip Cookies

All-star pastry chef Tom Wellings (now at Fiola Mare), is behind these divine chocolate chip cookies that use two kinds of chocolate for “extra gooey texture,” plus a sprinkle of sea salt for balance. If you make these, please invite me over.

Sugar Cookies

Sometimes all you want is a simple, perfect sugar cookie—and Blue Duck Tavern delivers.

Chocolate Gingerbread Cookies

Gingerbread might be more commonly associated with Christmas, but Northside Social’s chocolate gingerbread cookies are good year-round. These will please chocoholics and spice fiends alike (so bake extra). Get the recipe. 

Coconut-Sesame Cookies

Even if you’re trying to cut down on sweets, you don’t have to give up dessert entirely. Try Well+Being’s recipe, which use whole-wheat flour and nutritious ingredients for a healthy treat that still tastes decadent.