Fishnet Launches a Fancier Chef’s Counter

"Fishnook" brings a tasting menu to the Shaw eatery.

The original Fishnet in College Park, which has since expanded to a Shaw location and its new tasting menu. Photograph by Scott Suchman

Fishnet owner Ferhat Yalcin has been planning a fancier option for his casual Shaw seafood restaurant since it debuted this past spring (the original is located in College Park). Now the time has come. Joining the concise menu of Turkish-style fish sandwiches and tacos is Fishnook, a chef’s counter for up to four guests.

The seats overlooking the kitchen can be reserved for Monday and Tuesday nights at 7 only, and require participation in the six-course tasting menu. Plates are fittingly seafood-centric, with no accommodations made for dietary restrictions. Prices are gentle in the realm of chef’s tastings, marked at $55 for the meal and $25 for optional beverage pairings.

Should you want to book, reservations are currently being taken from October 20 to November 25 by e-mailing Hopefully they’re a good catch.

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