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Reader Photos: Washington’s Cutest Pets, October 14, 2014

We asked for your cute pet photos, and boy, did you deliver. In our inaugural post, we meet Gus, Tom, Brinkley, and Mischief.

Want your pet to be featured on our website? E-mail your pet’s name, location, a brief bio, and a photo to pets@washingtonian.com, and use the subject line “Reader Pets.”

“Meet my cat, Tom Michael (above). He goes by his formal name, Thomas William Michael. He was adopted in Frederick and now lives in Glover Park. Tom is overweight, extremely lazy, and a picky eater. He loves to cuddle (but on his own terms) and enjoys visits from family and friends, especially his Nana. His favorite toy is his catnip rainbow. I’d tell you his favorite game, but he doesn’t have one. He’s doesn’t like fun. This is a candid photo of Thomas saying, ‘Hey, ladies!'”

“Gus, a French mastiff puppy (four months), lives in Bethesda. His favorite place to sleep is on a glass coffee table. Once he grows to full size—160 pounds—that won’t be possible. He makes frequent appearances at Quartermaine Coffee and Olazzo in Bethesda.”

“Brinkley is a very happy, energetic four-year-old chocolate Lab residing in NoMa. She loves anything that involves a tennis ball (ideally at the beach) and enjoys every type of food (especially baked goods left cooling on the counter). When she’s not chasing squirrels, eating, or fetching, she can be found snoring on the couch with her legs up in the air.”

“Mischief cheated death twice: first when she was rescued from a high-kill shelter in North Carolina, and then when she contracted distemper when she was two months old. She just celebrated her first birthday, and is the happiest and most playful cat. She runs around our apartment in Alexandria carrying her favorite toy mice in her mouth and begs for attention in ways that make it seem like she thinks she is a dog. Another favorite past time of Mischief’s is drinking milkshakes.”