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TV Recap: Homeland, Season 4, Episode 6 “From A to B and Back Again”

The team is once again at square one after last night’s episode.

We'll miss you, Aayan. Photograph by David Bloomer for Showtime.

Carrie and her team actually put their facilities to use this week to track Aayan, only to watch him be killed by his terrorist uncle. I’d like to know what these drones they’re using to follow people around look/sound like. How did Aayan notice one watching him after the wedding was bombed but not notice (presumably) the same device following him into the mountains? Aayan’s whole trek this episode is pretty heartbreaking in retrospect: He thought he had both Carrie and his uncle looking out for him, and in the end, they both betrayed him. We’ll miss you, Aayan—you weren’t the first person to fall for Carrie’s tricks, and, unfortunately, you probably won’t be the last.

Here’s where we found everyone else this week.

Saul Berenson

We can’t check in with Saul this week because he’s been kidnapped by terrorists, and it took Carrie and Quinn an entire episode to figure that out. Oh, and Carrie wanted to let Saul die to kill Haissam Haqqani. No big deal.

Peter Quinn

Best Moment: Quinn talking sense into Carrie is getting a little old, but he’s still better at it than anyone else. Thankfully, he stepped in when she gave the order to basically eliminate Saul. “That is Saul down there. Saul.”

Worst Moment: Even though Quinn seemed to be the only person concerned about Saul’s whereabouts all episode, it took him way too long to notice he was gone. How is nobody tracking these kinds of things?!

Number of times he showed emotions other than annoyance or anger this episode: Zero.

Carrie Mathison

Best Moment: Carrie seemed like she actually cared about Aayan’s wellbeing in this episode, and I really believed she was upset when he was shot. We’ll never know if that was just because she lost her only lead, though.

Worst Moment: The fact that Carrie was willing to let Saul die is pretty scary. Here’s something to think over: Who wouldn’t she kill to eliminate terrorists? My guess is no one.

Number of times she thought about baby Frannie: Zero. We’re back to pretending Frannie doesn’t exist.

Some other important plot lines to note:

  • It looks like the ambassador’s husband has fully embraced the dark side. He started off not wanting to help Tasneem Qureshi, but he’s now doing a pretty great job of sabotaging the CIA’s work. Is getting back at your wife really worth all of that?
  • Bonus points to Fara this week, who is finally starting to realize that Carrie isn’t the best role model, after all.
  • I expect the team’s next efforts will revolve around getting Saul back, but they don’t seem to have any leads. Will this finally force everyone to work together?

What were your favorite/least favorite moments? Share them in the comments.