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Reader Photos: Washington’s Cutest Pets, November 25, 2014

This week, meet readers' pets Milton, Chubby, Taco, Jasper, and Mocha.

Want your pet to be featured on our website? E-mail your pet’s name, location, a brief bio, and a photo to pets@washingtonian.com, and use the subject line “Reader Pets.”

“Jasper Islington (above) is a six-year-old Pembroke Welsh Corgi who lives in Columbia Heights. He enjoys daily urban jaunts and vigorous bouts of keep-away. He treats commands as suggestions but takes them all under consideration. You just might find him strolling around Meridian Hill Park, his favorite outdoor spot.”

“Milton is a puff-ball pooch who spends a lot of time with mom and dad at work on Capitol Hill. When he’s not sleeping on the job, Milton can be spotted strolling the streets of Alexandria looking for new friends. Since Milton is a Chow Chow, he knows good grub when he smells it, and he loves to chow down his parents’ restaurant leftovers!”

“Chubby Martinez is a Chow mix who lives in Woobridge. He’s the sweetest, most playful dog and as you can see, he loves to play dress up. He’s ten years old, currently diagnosed with arthiritis, but he’s a trooper and being the same silly, cute chubs throughout his medication process.”

“This is Taco! We adopted him from City Dogs Rescue just over a year ago. He’s been such a fun little adventure buddy. Here is an image of him on a hike we took last winter in the Shenandoahs. Since then, we’ve gone on many other amazing adventures with Taco, the sweetest little Lab mix you’ll ever see.”

“Mocha is a well dressed chocolate miniature dachshund that resides in Potomac. This photo was taken during a walk around the block when Mocha decided that it was appropriate to take a mid-walk sunbathing snooze in the grass. Her little legs got tired, what can she say? Mocha’s favorite pastimes include patrolling the neighborhood, playing with her BFF, an Italian greyhound named Emma, and wearing various forms of outerwear when the weather gets cool.”