There’s a $1,500 "Fifty Shades"-Themed Valentine’s Meal

And yes, it comes with gold handcuffs.

Image via Shutterstock.

The new Fifty Shades of Grey movie and its timely release on February 13 is bringing out all sorts of bondage-themed Valentine’s Day promotions. Most are cheap, both literally and figuratively, like CityPerch‘s Red Room of Pain cocktail served with fuzzy red handcuffs. Now there’s a special only the Christian Greys of the world can afford: a $1,500 meal from DC’s Farm to Feast Catering, complete with gold-plated handcuffs, a leather riding whip, and a wearable chocolate fondue dessert.

The deluxe package also includes a four-course menu—no one likes being chained to a bed on an empty stomach—which includes the likes of roast squash soup with “lick-worthy” glazed bananas, “tied up” duck breast, and “steamy” roast short ribs in fig gravy.

Anyone who wants to experiment without the pain of spending more than a grand for delivery can opt for the menu itself ($200), or the food plus a restraint kit package ($300). Alternatively, for $1,500, you could take your date to MiniBar and slap him/her in the face with the spare change. Happy Valentine’s Day!

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