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Blossom Kite Festival

Kite-building stations, Japanese kite battles, trick-flying exhibitions, and more.

Photograph courtesy of Shutterstock

Why you might roll your eyes:

You’ve got bad memories, as a kid, of running along with string trailing and hoping the wind would catch your kite and send it skyward. More often than not, the kite bounced along the ground and fell flat like a pancake.

Why you’ll love it:

It’s an amazing spectacle to see thousands of kaleidoscopic kites at the Blossom Kite Festival, this year on March 28. The event, on the Mall near the Washington Monument, features kite-building stations, Japanese kite battles, and trick-flying exhibitions. It draws the best kite flyers from around the world, some of whom offer tips in the Family Field- so bring or buy a kite. Reliable spring winds help make flying more of a breeze. You’ll feel like a kid again- kid who can now fly a kite.

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