Inaugural Ball

Have a ball with DC's and the nation's finest.
Inaugural Ball
Photograph by Flickr user Mike Weekes Jr.

Why you might roll your eyes:

Politics is hammered into our daily fabric ad nauseam, so why celebrate thisagain?

Why you’ll love it:

Dress to the nines and embrace the festivitiesfrom boozy cocktail parties to “unofficial” balls (there were more than 100 in 2013). While you might not see the President and First Lady take a turn on the dance floor at invitation-only “official” inaugural balls, odds are good you’ll spot a member of Congress or senator out on the town. As for the having-a-good-time part? We suggest you skip the political messaging, grab a glass of Champagne, stand under the confetti blower, and revel in a party that comes around only every four years.

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