Bread Furst is Coming to Whole Foods This Week

The Van Ness bakeshop provides P Street with unusual loaves.

Mark Furstenberg brings Bread Furst's delicious loaves to the P Street Whole Foods. Photograph by Scott Suchman

Here’s some great news for anyone in the Dupont environs: Bread Furst, Mark Furstenberg‘s stellar Van Ness bakery, will be supplying the Whole Foods P Street location with fresh loaves starting Thursday.

You’ll still have to travel to the Connecticut Avenue bakseshop for Furstenberg’s crusty baguettes and sweets. Whole Foods will carry less-common breads such as rye with a crunchy corn crust, course whole wheat made with Amish farm wheatberries, multigrain, and teff rye (the flour most commonly associated with Ethiopian injera). Furstenburg will be at the shop on Thursday and Friday of this week, offering samples and discussing the loaves.

While the Dupont Whole Foods will be the first to carry the breads, other branches may start supplying them soon.

Food Editor

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