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5 Things You Need to Know About Bringing Your Pets On Amtrak

Photograph via iStock.

You can now take your furry pal on Amtrak. (Finally!) But before you start packing up Fido’s travel bag, review these rules for bringing pets on the train:

  1. For $25, pets can ride on most Northeast Regional and Downeaster routes plus some Carolinian and Palmetto trains between DC and New York.
  2. Only dogs and cats are welcome, but Amtrak doesn’t rule out allowing other pets someday.
  3. Animals must be 20 pounds or less and can’t travel more than seven hours at a time.
  4. They need to fit into enclosed carriers stowable under seats.
  5. Owners must sign a waiver certifying the pets are healthy, nonaggressive, and up to date on vaccines.

Melanie D.G. Kaplan wrote about the politics of DC alley cats in November.

This article appears in our January 2016 issue of Washingtonian.