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Here Are the 10 Most Expensive Houses Sold in DC Last Year

All photos provided by MRIS.

It’s no secret that the DMV real estate market is absolutely bonkers. Homes that might go for $400,000 in other big cities can sometimes reach almost double that figure here. So when it comes to highest-selling real estate lists, DC has some of the best properties to ogle in the nation. Here are the 10 most expensive houses sold in the greater Washington area last year. Warning: Your bank account may deplete just by looking at them.

Note: MRIS provided the ranking information and images for this list.

10. 10214 Iron Gate Rd., Potomac MD, 20854
$5.5 million
Features to ogle: A tub fit for Marie Antoinette.
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9. 2852 McGill Terrace, NW, Washington DC, 20008
$5.6 million
Features to ogle: Its very own basketball court.
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8. 3331 N St., NW, Washington DC, 20007
$5.7 million
Features to ogle: So. many. marble. fireplaces.
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7. 1823 Phelps Place, NW, Washington DC, 20008
$5.75 million
Features to ogle: All the charm of a one-hundred-year-old mansion, totally renovated for 2016 living.
DC8607143 - Dining Room
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6. 1155 23rd St., NW, Pres. Penthouse 2, 20037
$6.05 million
Features to ogle: 6,000 square feet and you get to live at the Ritz.
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5. 11100 Cripplegate Rd., Potomac MD, 20854
$6.15 million
Features to ogle: The foyer looks like it’s straight out of Clueless (minus the portrait of Cher’s mother who died from “a fluke accident during a routine liposuction.”)
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4. 3512 Lowell St., NW, Washington DC, 20016
$6.3 million
Features to ogle: The stunning Washington Cathedral is basically the backyard.
DC8618567 - Exterior (Rear)
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3. 606 Boyle Lane, McLean VA, 22102
$8.3 million
Features to ogle: An unparalleled view of the Potomac.
FX8530328 - River View
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2. 2221 30th St. NW,Washington DC, 20008
$12.25 million
Features to ogle: There are enough bathrooms for each member of the Brady Bunch to have their own (including Alice), plus 3 more. (Yep, that’s 12 full baths.)
DC8539608 - Dining Room
More photos here.

1. 3107 Fessenden St., NW, Washington DC, 20008
$18 million
Features to ogle: Italianate gardens that sprawl, fountains that spray, and a pool that Gatsby would fill with Champagne.
DC8600500 - Formal English Garden
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