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How to Give Marijuana as a “Gift”

Photograph by The Image Bank/Getty Images.

Our expert: Adam Eidinger, who led the ballot initiative to legalize pot in the District and is cofounder of the shop Capitol Hemp.

“It is against the law to buy from people in the city. You’re supposed to be getting it as a gift. One of the best ways to get a gift is to make yourself a useful person to a cannabis person. I’m helping a woman with fibromyalgia: She bakes me a pie or a cake every week and brings it to my house, and I’m always, ‘Hey, I hear you need some weed,’ and I give her some weed. It’s not really an exchange—it’s like neighbors doing things for each other.

“I can see how a newcomer to DC wouldn’t know where to start. Advice: Good deeds go a long way, so listen closely to your neighbors’ needs and see if you can help. Then ask for help.”

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This article appears in our January 2016 issue of Washingtonian.