Play With Siberian Huskies at The Shay on Saturday

Photograph of husky dog owner and her sled team courtesy TAA PR.

As part of a promotional event themed around “hitting the slopes” at The Shay development this weekend, visitors to the North End Shaw neighborhood can pose in front of a custom-painted alpine backdrop with photo booth props and–more importantly–play with real, live husky sled dogs.

There will be between eight and ten of the winter-loving pups on site, and they’re all members of a competitive sled team. If you’ve ever dreamed of leaving your cramped city apartment and moving to Alaska, where you’ll own a sled dog team that will save you from a blizzard, a la the 2002 film Snow Dogs, now’s your chance to make-believe for an afternoon.

The event will run from 11 AM to 2 PM on Eighth Street between Florida Avenue and T Street.


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