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For $5.9 Million You Could Live In This Dramatic Gothic-Style Church in Capitol Hill

Talk about owning the most impressive house on the block. All photos courtesy of MRIS.

Ever dreamed of a home with a soaring stone tower, gorgeously detailed ceilings, views of a park, and … an altar? The 1891 church overlooking Stanton Park in Capitol Hill has just gone up for sale, and for a mere $5.9 million dollars, you could make all of those dreams come true.

Zoned for residential use, the church boasts a fireplace, a soaring spiral staircase, and over 12,000 square feet of living space. Of course, one could go the traditional route and break the church up into several condos–or you could kit this place out to make one heck of an impressive home.

Either way, let us know when you’ve finished the remodel. We’ve simply got to know how you turn a choir loft into a master suite.

Emily Ehren’s of Sotheby’s is the listing agent. You can see more images of the church here.

View from the altar into the congregation.
Dizzying and glamorous spiral steps.
This broad shot provides a full view of the church’s massive scale, and its floor to ceiling stained glass windows.
We can imagine this as a cozy study.


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