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Urban Outfitters Is Secretly One of the Best Cheap Home Decor Stores Around

Urban Outfitters' Wire Loop Vanity, $159; all photos via Urban Outfitters

If you’re anything like me, one look around an Urban Outfitters store and you worry that fellow shoppers will rush a walker over to aid your old, slowly decaying body. So you avoid the place entirely.

But over the past several months (maybe even years) Urban has been adding charming, affordable furniture and tchotchkes to its “Apartment” section, turning it into one of the best cheap home decor sites on the web. The section that used to overflow with gag books now features rattan headboards and streamlined shelving.

Yes, the products skew heavily towards trends, and some throw pillows or trinkets might be out of style a month after they arrive on your doorstep. But with such phenomenal price points (rugs for $70, planters for less than $15), Urban has become a go-to source for youthful but still chic decor. (Oh, and they have a color-changing panda mug, which every Washingtonian needs.)

Here are some of our absolute favorites:

Wonky Grid duvet cover, $88-$98


Mid-century Modern wall hook, $49


Planes night stand, $149


Assembly Home embroidered botanical pillow, $39


Plum & Bow pompom dot shower curtain, $79


Rope lace tiara chair, $598


Color-changing panda mug, $20


Assembly Home plus sign pleated rug, $24-$199


Lulu rattan headboard, $249


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