Yes, Uniqlo is (Still) Coming to Tysons Corner Center

Photograph by Shinya Suzuki via Flickr.

Washingtonians have been waiting for a Uniqlo for years.

By our reckoning, the first rumors started in 2013, when PoPville suggested that the Japanese fast-fashion retailer might arrive at CityCenterDC, based on a job listing for a Uniqlo employee in Washington, DC. Then there was the time in 2014 when window dressings for a Uniqlo went up at Springfield Town Center, after which, a Uniqlo representative told the Washington Business Journal that it was “probably a mistake by the mall.”

Finally, a year ago, it was officially announced that Uniqlo would open in Tysons Corner Center this summer. We were all very excited (here are five reasons why)—but then months passed with no word. On March 25, Washingtonian reached out to Uniqlo to ask when the store would be arriving in Tysons Corner Center, only to receive the response: “We received your inquiry concerning the opening of a new store located in Tysons Corner Center. Unfortunately, we do not have any information regarding a store in this location at this time. We are expanding our store locations every year, so we hope to have a store in your area soon.”

Feeling scared and alone, we reached out again on April 9, but received the response, “We do not currently have any confirmation of a store being opened in Washington,” on April 10. Finally, on April 13, Uniqlo responded with an announcement of the Tysons Corner Center–and yet the question still lingered–when, oh when, would this affordable-fashion hub grace us with its presence?

On April 20, word came: Fall 2016 is the official new date for the Tysons Corner Center opening. Only time will tell if this updated timeline becomes a reality, but in the meantime, we’ll be waiting on the edge of our seats.

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