5 Reasons to be Excited About Uniqlo Coming to Tysons Corner

The Japanese retailer announced they will finally open in the DC Metro area.

On April 6, Uniqlo announced that it would open stores in three new areas in the United States: Seattle, Denver, and the DC Metro area. The new DC-area store will occupy around 10,000 square feet at the Silver Line-accessible Tysons Corner Center.

The store is slotted to open in spring or summer of 2016, and even through that’s still a ways off, it’s okay to start getting excited. Here are five things you have to look forward to at the new Tysons Corner Center Uniqlo.

1. Non-bulky, warm clothes

Forget about layering four pairs of leggings underneath your pants so that you don’t freeze on your walk to the Metro: Uniqlo’s Heattech products are specially designed to keep you toasty. The shirts, jeans, and leggings with Heattech are constructed with “a totally new material to combat the cold,” according to Uniqlo’s website, offering heat-trapping apparel that’s still slim fitting. Additionally, their “Ultra Light Down” jackets, parkas, and vests will repel water and keep you warm without creating a marshmallow silhouette.

2. Free alterations

Shorties, rejoice! The bane of a petite person’s existence is pants that fit everywhere except for in length. You can only get away with cuffing pants so many times, and taking them to seamstress or tailor can be inconvenient or expensive. With Uniqlo’s in-store alterations, jeans and pants over $20 can be hemmed on the day of purchase for free.

3. Under $40 jeans

Speaking of pants, if you’re a denim hoarder, Uniqlo will be your best friend for inexpensive jeans. Women’s jeans run around $39.90 full price, and with their ultra stretch, boyfriend, and slim fit cuts, you can have a cut and color for every day of the week that are comfortable, but still chic.

4. Outfit the whole family

With apparel in newborn, toddler, child, and adult sizes, Uniqlo could be your one-stop shop for flushing out the family wardrobe, from yellow duck onesies to office-appropriate dresses. Uniqlo sells everything from underwear to outerwear, so for everyday apparel, it’s a great go-to.

5. Clean and classic basics

Step aside, American Apparel. Chambray shirts, tees, and dressy blouses in a range of hues run around $13 to $30, rather than in the $30 to $60 range of American Apparel’s fashionable basics. Uniqlo isn’t around for the hyper-trendy dressers, and there’s not much in the way of formal wear, but for staples that will hang in your closet for a few seasons, it’s a no-brainer.

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Caroline Cunningham joined Washingtonian in 2014 after moving to the DC area from Cincinnati, where she interned and freelanced for Cincinnati Magazine and worked in content marketing. She currently resides in College Park.